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Next Annual Gospel Guitar Jam Session

Date: March 18, 2016

Depew High School
725 S Sims
Depew, Ok
7:00 PM

I was fortunate enough to be able to come to the GGJam this year. I live in Pineville, MO which is about 175 miles, more or less, from Depew-but it was sure worth the effort! Still wish it were a little closer to the house, though. We didn't get home till 3:00 AM! My wife, our pastor and his wife, 3 of their younger children, and myself attended and had a ball listening to the great music! I have been playing guitar since age 7 (I'm 50 now) and the guitar is the third greatest love of my life-next to Jesus and my wife & family, of course! It is so good to know there are so many excellent pickers in the Lord's service. Satan doesn't have all the talented folks, by far-in fact, God has the cream of the crop! Thank Him for His wonderful gifts.

I'm looking forward to the jam next year, if the Lord tarries.

Thanks to all the fine musicians who played for the jam session, and to those who put in the effort to organize everything.

James M

Featured Videos/Audio
Musicians who have attended the Gospel Guitar Jam sessions
Darrell McDaniel guitar
and special guest Kent Brown Harmonica

Gospel Guitar Night 2009
Featuring Chuck Schwickerath with
Lonnie Duckett, Olen Parks and RB Bryant

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General Overview

Many guitarists are rarely heard of or even known except by thier area churches, friends and acquaintances. Music was created as a way of giving praise to God, our Creator. The talent of these guitarists is a gift from our heavenly Father, and thousands of people are blessed as they listen to these musicians.

The annual Gospel Guitar JAM Session brings guitarists from several states and an audience of hundreds of listeners (which contains many musicians as well). With new ones coming every year, it has grown from a small, packed, standing-room-only church at the first one in 1996 to a large school auditorium that seats several hundred. The efforts of two guitar players with a desire to pull other guitarists together to share their talents can not go unmentioned. 

Thanks, Darrell McDaniel and Buddy Essary! I can perhaps speak for everyone
that has attended a JAM session: "Your efforts are greatly appreciated and we look forward to the next one every year!! God bless you both!

Fellow guitarist and friend,
Tim Beck


Raw footage from previous jam sessions


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